Pacific Instruments is providing Instructions For Use in an electronic format (eIFU) for some of its products as an alternative to providing paper copies.  The eIFUs are being made available online for US customers only so they can be downloaded, printed and readily available. The eIFU is available in English only and is identical in content to the paper version. 


Please select the eIFU resource to view:

  1. Please click here for the DFU-012
  2. Please click here for the Graphical Symbols and Medical Device Labeling Chart (English Only)
    Symbol list pic 030221
  3. Please click here for ——
  4. Please click here for the Product and Warranty Information (English Only)

If there are any resources not found here or additional questions about our eIFU, please do not hesitate to email us at support@pacificinstruments.biz