HONOLULU, HI, January 21, 2011- Pacific Instruments, a globally recognized
contract manufacturer and procurement source of orthopedic surgical instruments,
announced today that it has successfully obtained the rigorous ISO 13485:2003
certification for its quality management system for medical devices. The ISO
certification process ensures ongoing compliance as companies are externally
audited every twelve months.

“Pacific Instruments is very proud of this momentous achievement,” stated Holger
Gruenert, President of Pacific Instruments, who founded and started Pacific
Instruments in 2005 after working in the orthopedic industry for nearly 20 years. In
2010, Pacific Instruments grew to nearly three million in sales, but as a small
business still manages to maintain a very personalized approach and provide the
best possible value to its customers. “This ISO 13485:2003 certification signals to
our customers, suppliers, and the orthopedic industry that Pacific Instruments is
committed to Quality,” Gruenert stated. Gruenert also added, “Along with our
technical expertise, we can always be at the forefront of orthopedics by assisting our
customers to improve devices and provide them with the assurance that the quality

standard from our global sources will always comply with the ISO 13485:2003

About Pacific Instruments

Pacific Instruments is a globally recognized contract manufacturer and procurement
source of orthopedic surgical instruments. The company can support the needs of OEMs,
orthopedic surgeons, suppliers, and the industry to help provide the best possible value of
surgical instruments with personalized attention so the needs can be met efficiently and
all can focus on their core business. For more information, please contact Holger
Gruenert at 808-941-8880 and check the website at